Everett Smith Group apply their expertise
within the Environmental Chambers Industry

In August 2013 Climatic Services Ltd joined the Everett Smith Group Ltd, bringing with it the specialisation of servicing and maintaining environmental chambers to the group.

Pullman Instruments

Pullman Instruments (UK) Ltd founded in 1980 is one of the UK’s leading calibration companies. A UKAS accredited laboratory for electrical and temperature also covers, humidity, torque, pressure, vacuum, dimensional, load, light, sound, frequency, time, and air velocity. Pullman Instruments works with many leading companies across a range of industries including utilities, rail, hospital, pharmaceutical, food and drink, automotive, defence, aerospace, facilities management, universities and local government. With 3 laboratories across the UK and an onsite team of calibration engineers they are close to their customers wherever they are located.


Flow-Mon Ltd

Flow-Mon Ltd was established in 1971 and specialize in manufacturing economical, robust and user friendly flow monitoring and switch instrumentation (for both safe and hazardous areas). From their factory in Harrogate, North Yorkshire they manufacture and distribute flow meters around the globe, with export sales approaching 80% of their total sales.


Climatic Services

Climatic Services has benefitted from synergies within the Everett Smith Group including general instrument calibration experience, industry recognised quality systems, UKAS accreditation, engineering and management experience, investment resources, and UK wide coverage.